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If you are completely new to the sport of Scuba Diving we offer a very easy and simple way to dip your toe in the water. It’s called a Try Dive.

Use the red button in the top right hand corner and we will be pleased to book you in.

Usually Try Dives are held on the first Wednesday of every third month. They are very popular and get booked up really fast.

Actually, at the moment we have paused try dives until we can clear up our training backlog. We’d rather give full attention to a smaller number of people than disappoint a larger number.

We’ll probably restart towards the end of the year, so either drop a line now or again later. You can also consider other London clubs, such as Clidive or Hellfins.

On the evening of your Try Dive you will be asked to bring with you your usual swimming costume and an old T-Shirt that you don’t mind wearing into the pool. We will supply everything else you need.

Your Try Dive evening will start with a full safety briefing, when your Instructor will run through the SCUBA equipment we will be using, the hand signals that are used and a few do’s and don’t to keep everybody safe underwater.

You then meet on pool side and get ready for the start of your life underwater!

A Try Dive is the ideal way to give this exciting sport a go. See if you like it and see if you wish to take your interest further.

As far as your personal fitness is concerned? It is helpful if you can swim and you are happy putting your face in the water.

SCUBA Diving is a physical sport and can we please be made aware if you do suffer from any heart, lung, circulatory, ear or other medical problems then you may not be able to dive.

These may not stop you diving, but we do need to be aware of them before we start please.

Book a Try Dive today!

Book your Wednesday evening Try Dive session at Seven Islands Leisure Centre with a fully qualified BSAC Instructor. For just £20, we will provide the pool, kit and bags of fun!

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