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In line with BSAC’s guidelines, Bermondsey BSAC has a Committee to co-ordinate and oversee all of the Club’s diving and training activities.

It is made up of volunteer members who commit their time and expertise to help with the smooth running of the Club.

For a Club of our size there are several positions needed. All of which are filled by Club members who are elected by their peers each year, at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. Usually in February.

Currently the Committee contains the following positions:

Dive Officer

This position carries with it the ultimate responsibility for overseeing all of the Club’s diving and training activities. Current incumbent: Ken & Teresa.


The Chair is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day administration activities of the Club, organising Committee meetings and generally keeping the back-room stuff ticking over. Current incumbent: Shared between Pat and Ross

Club Secretary

The person who actually does the work at the Committee meetings, taking minutes, sending out the Monday briefing e-mails and liaising with BSAC on admin matters. Current incumbent: Luke.

Treasurer and Membership Secretary

Responsible for all BSAC and Club related membership paperwork. Monitoring the Bank Account. Paying our bills. Maintaining e-mail lists. Updating Dive list. Current Incumbent: Gloria.

Training Officer

Big job this one. Quite possibly the biggest in the Club. Keeping track of who’s done what? and who still needs to do what? Then coordinating Club Instructors to deliver the required training activities on a Wednesday eve and on Dives. Current incumbent team: Fiona MacKillop.

Equipment Officer

The very best of our Back Room Boys. Looks after the Club Kit. Ensures it is all serviceable, available, full of air and there on a Wednesday evening! Current incumbent: Ross Udall.

Welfare Officer

Keeps an overview of the Club’s policies and activities to ensure we are complying with all required equality and Safeguarding legislation. Current incumbent: Teresa Neary.

Trainee Rep.

In addition

The Club also are gifted with a team of BSAC trained Instructors who also give of their free time in delivering the Club’s extensive Training Programme. This team currently consists of:
Bruce Coles, Fiona MacKillop, Ken Gordon, Sally Homer, Chris Heels, Clive Dowdall and Steve Bull.

Don’t forget.

The club needs people to be involved. Joining the committee is a great way to keep it running.

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