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We are a group of volunteers, who teach diving, we go diving, we talk diving.

Training will start in the safe environment of the swimming pool where basic skills are taught & confidence gained.

The next stage will typically be at an inland site, probably a lake. Where there is restricted depth & skills learnt in the pool can be developed.

The final stage will be in the sea on a Club day or weekend away, where we can fine tune your new skills & build self-confidence.

Alongside the practical skills there are also lectures, where the theory of diving is discussed & safety considerations taught. With periodic test papers, or examinations, to achieve the relevant BSAC Qualification level.

The branch has the benefit of several nationally qualified instructors & the training you will receive & the qualifications obtained, will be recognized & accepted worldwide.

Our dives take place along the South Coast from Dover to Cornwall. Holidays & long weekends away are to places further a-field, the West Country, Wales, Scotland, Shetlands, Orkney, Malta & the Red Sea are all destinations we have visited in the past few years.

What’s involved/Timing?

As a guide. The first qualification level BSAC Ocean Diver, comprises:
A swimming assessment, 6 classroom sessions, 5 in pool lessons & finishes with 4 dives outside in open water (most likely a lake) & a short Theory Exam.

Please note: There is no hard-fixed term for your training. It can take 18-20 weeks to complete. Depending on your & volunteer Instructor availability, holidays, work, colds, flu, weather, etc.

Next, a very valid question. How much will this cost?


You need to join us, the Bermondsey Branch, which lets you have use of the pool every week, receive the training & includes the loan of all SCUBA equipment & air, whilst Open Water training. This costs £18.50 per month, per person. By Standing Order.


A. You need to join our parent organisation, BSAC.

They supply you with your membership card & your membership will include:

  • The monthly BSAC Scuba magazine.
  • Your important Third-Party Diving Insurance.
  • Access to the BSAC diver resources website & shop.

The cost for your first year will be £49.00 paid to BSAC. By Direct Debit.

B. The manuals & training documentation for your first Ocean Diver qualification grade come as a BSAC pack. These arrive via the Club & will cost £40.00.


A. Your second & subsequent years memberships costs £59.00 (2018 price) & gives you renewed BSAC annual membership, continuation of the BSAC magazine & ongoing insurance cover.

B. Of course, as you progress, you will need to purchase your next qualification grade’s relevant training pack. Sports Diver, Dive Leader etc. Each of which will cost @ £40.00 as & when you need them.

Next steps. Getting started.

You will need to:

  • Fill in a BSAC Membership application form,
  • Complete a medical questionnaire,
  • Set up your monthly Club subscription,
  • Buy a swimming costume, if you don’t already have one
  • & come & have fun!

Although we do have a selection of masks, fins and snorkels, we would strongly recommend that once you have made the commitment to learn to dive, these basic items are purchased. Speak to your instructor for advice.

The major items of kit can wait until you are nearing completion of your training & again speak to your instructor & other more experienced members for advice.

Please visit the club’s web site http://www.bermondsey-bsac.org.uk for this year’s dive list, photographs & links to reputable dive shops etc & feel free to join us for a drink & a chat after the pool session, just after 10.00 in The Ship Public House, just off the Rotherhithe Tunnel roundabout.

Visit BSAC.com