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Our recent dive expedition to Vobster Quay near Bath was not just another extraordinary dive—it marked one of the final chances to test our equipment before the water temperature cooled for the season. On the day of the dive, the water greeted us with a toasty 13 degrees at the surface.

Nestled in the picturesque Somerset countryside, Vobster Quay offered easy shore entry into its crystal-clear freshwater, making it an ideal location for divers of all levels.

Vobster Quay’s maximum depth of 131 feet (40 meters) provided the perfect backdrop for our pre-winter dive. It allowed us to thoroughly assess our gear while exploring a diverse range of underwater features, making each dive an essential part of our preparation.

Our dive club, comprised of dedicated members Teresa, Luke, Fiona, Jeremy, Sally, and Ben, embraced this dive not only as an adventure but also as a crucial part of our seasonal preparations. Ben, in particular, was on a mission to complete his Sports Diver qualification, guided by instructor Johnathan Hudson from the BSAC Partnership scheme. This training was not only thorough but also an excellent chance to learn from a BSAC regional instructor, allowing Ben to gain valuable rescue skills and quickly certify as a Sports Diver. Link for more information on BSAC Partnerships scheme.

While our underwater explorations were undoubtedly the highlight of our trip, our adventure extended beyond the depths of Vobster Quay. The picturesque surroundings offered a scenic backdrop for our journey, reminding us of the beauty of the UK’s countryside.

As we reflect on our Vobster Quay adventure special appreciation goes out to dedicated instructor Johnathan Hudson for his guidance and to Ben for his determination.

Our dive club’s journey continues, and we invite you to be a part of our next aquatic escapade. As the water temperature cools and winter approaches, our adventures take on a new dimension.

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