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Scapa Flow

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Our epic saga to Scapa Flow began with a spirited journey to Scotland, where the breathtaking landscapes were matched only by our collective excitement. An unexpected detour around Golspie, due to a car accident, added a twist to our travel plans. Yet, our determined convoy, unfazed by this setback, adeptly navigated the serpentine roads to board the ferry from Scrabster, all thanks to Teresa’s impeccable driving skills. Rupert, having flown in from The States, faced a hiccup when his luggage didn’t arrive. Fortunately, Ken stepped in with his spare diving kit, saving the day.

Our diving adventure unfolded aboard the MV Valhalla, skippered by the highly experienced Hazel. Before each dive, Hazel provided an insightful briefing, detailing the history and events of each shipwreck. By her side was the ever-cheerful first officer and chef, Helen, who ensured our bellies were filled with delicious meals as we geared up for our underwater explorations.

Our journey into history commenced with the SMS Karlsruhe, followed by The F2. With each descent, the stories of yesteryears echoed around us. Our exploration included the Dresden 2, the Brummer, the Konig, the F116, the SMS Coln, the Markgraf, and the SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm.

Scapa Flow is more than just a diving spot; it’s a passage through time. The sunken remnants of the WW1 German High Seas Fleet stand as a testament to a bygone era, with each shipwreck narrating its own tale. Despite visibility ranging between 2 to 10 meters, the cool waters of Orkney have preserved these ancient stories.

On Thursday, we were treated to a mesmerizing display of multiple pods of playful porpoises. However, gusty winds on Friday signaled an early end to our diving adventure. But every cloud has a silver lining. The winds guided us to explore the historic cathedral, the mystical Ring of Brodgar, and the Stones of Stenness on land. The Scapa museum further captivated us, showcasing the evolution of steam engines, reminiscent of those on the shipwrecks we explored.

A special mention to Ken, whose organizational skills and readiness to assist were pivotal to the success of our journey. His invaluable contributions have not only enhanced this trip but have also fostered a culture of unity and friendship within our club.

The divers who made this journey are: Ken, Teresa, Jeremy, Geoff, ex-members Toni and Charbel, and guest Rupert.

Reflecting on our Orkney adventure, our hearts overflow with gratitude for Hazel and Helen, whose expertise and warmth enriched our experience, and to every member who contributed to this unforgettable tale.

Join us as we chronicle the next chapter of our adventures.

Yours Adventurously,

Bermondsey BSAC

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