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Diving with a Disability

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A really great thing about scuba diving is how accessible it is for disabled people.

With scuba diving comes a real sense of well-being. Any physical restrictions are left behind … it’s just you and your ‘buddy’ exploring the underwater world.

Many people experience scuba diving as a kind of therapy. During the dive, the weightlessness offers a real sense of freedom and the experience underwater is similar for both able-bodied and disabled people.

BSAC’s ‘Accessibility – Diving for All’ programme.

Bermondsey BSAC are supporting BSAC’s ‘Accessibility – Diving for All’ programme.

This programme aims to make diving accessible to anyone with disabilities through training instructors to take people in to the water and support people to realise that diving isn’t necessarily out of their grasp.

We meet at the Seven Islands Leisure Centre on Wednesday nights to do both lectures and pool sessions and would welcome anyone who may be interested to contact us to discuss coming along to a try dive.

Please contact info@bermondsey-bsac.org.uk

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